Train like an Olympian…

What do you get when you have a three-time Olympian, a former world record holder, a chiropractor and a fitness expert? Flo Fusion Fitness… Dr. Hyacinth has developed a specific program combining key methodologies to create a dynamic core body workout proven to deliver results for anyone. Flo Fusion Fitness is a non-impact exercise program that utilizes side-lying, prone and supine postures. Additionally, it offers (6) levels from beginning to advanced which not only allow room for those who are new to exercise to begin at a manageable pace, but at the same time it sets up targets to aim for and to be achieved creating incentives to improve over time and the feelings of satisfaction and accomplishment that come with attaining successive goals.

It is the first exercise concept of its kind, as it fuses yoga, Pilates and resistance training to develop the body from the inside out. It is a total body workout designed to work the core, the abs, the upper and the lower body all at the same time. The movements are consistent for every individual, but the Flo Fusion Fitness level is customized according to each person’s fitness abilities and goals.”

Approximately 90% of people working out do so in order to affect changes from the outside in. For example, they target the larger superficial muscle groups such as the biceps and quadriceps. However, the smaller structural muscles, such as the spinal stabilizers are often neglected or benefit only as a secondary effect. Flo Fusion Fitness’ approach is different as it works to develop the muscular – skeletal system from the inside out by utilizing very little resistance while relying on the body to do the bulk of the work.

“Flo Fusion Fitness is beneficial to all because of the multidimensional movements of each exercise. This system utilizes long lever movements, by maintaining isometric and isokinetic muscular contraction throughout each exercise.

It fuses yoga, Pilates and resistance training, elements that are necessary in developing the intrinsic core stabilizers that are so essential to our training, competition and everyday living. The exercises implemented in Flo Fusion Fitness aid in increasing the flexibility and full body toning elements of yoga, the core development of Pilates, the muscular development unique to resistance training as well as the added benefit of aerobic and anaerobic cardio conditioning. The benefits are from the inside out.

By modifying the speed of movements, frequency and length of rest periods, as well as the amount of resistance, the program can be customized to meet not only the needs of our clients based on their individual level of ability, but to address a diverse range of goals and desired outcomes.”