The Revolutionary Home Exercise System Designed by 3 Time Olympian



I’m so excited to introduce you to the Flo FusionAire, a Total Body home exercise unit that works Your Core, Your Abs, Your Upper and Your Lower Body all at the same time…  This Fusion of Dynamic Flexibility Movements with Resistance Training allows you to achieve, not just your desired results of weight loss and core strengthening, but so much more…

    • It increases flexibility by stretching every single muscle in your body
    • It increases range of motion in your joints, in particular those problematic joints, such as your shoulders and hips as well as your upper and lower back
    • It improves posture
    • It strengthens bones
    • It increases athletic performances
    • It increases muscle tone
    • It helps you identify muscle imbalances
    • And so much more…

Over a 90 day period, you’ll get an incredible workout and the body that you desire at just 25 minutes a day… 5 days a week…

The Flo FusionAire is designed for absolutely everyone regardless of age and fitness level…  It is designed for you..

Your Flo Fusionaire Comes With:

    • Your Home Exercise Unit (Only 16 X 8 inches And Weighs Less Than 4 Lbs)
    • 4 Resistance Bands
    • 2 Ankle Straps
    • An 8 DVD Set
    • Your Flo Fusion Tote Bag
    • Meal Plans & Recipes
    • Workout Log

So don’t let our motto “Train Like An Olympian” scare you…  Come on…. Let’s explore that Inner Olympian in YOU