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I have been with Flo Fusion Fitness since July of 2012. In that time I have lost 35 lbs and have gone from a 34 waist to a 29-30 waist. In July of 2014, I suffered a complete achilles rupture. With the help of Flo and the Flo Fusion regime, I was working out 3 days after my surgery. My doctors and my surgeon could not believe how quickly I was out of my cast and boot and how quickly I recovered from my surgery. The normal recovery time for an achilles rupture is 6-12 mths. By November 2014, 4 months after my achilles injury, I was completely healed. I believe, and my doctors concur, that had I not been so active with Flo Fusion, my recovery would have been much longer. For me, Flo Fusion is not just a workout, it’s a lifestyle.
– Erik R.

Flo fusion fitness is a complete body workout focusing on the core muscles. I believe Flo fusion is a great workout to add to any type of exercise routine or to make it your own routine. It’s an ongoing challenge to the body, great workout!The benefits I have experienced with the exercises of Flo fusion fitness are weight loss and decreased pain. I have averaged a loss of about one pound a week. I am able to walk faster without pain (due to previous hip injury). I use to walk the treadmill at 2.7mph and now I am able to walk at 3.0 mph. The strength in my injured hip has increased and the ongoing pain I used to have has decreased significantly. My overall core strength has absolutely increased, from barely being able to perform the Flo fusion exercises to now being able to perform exercises with better form and higher levels.
– Miriam MG.

The Flo fusion fitness is a great way to work out, the movements are simple, yet really work my body and I can feel my core getting stronger. I never got really sore from the exercises and I could keep up with a 3 to 5 day a week work out in addition to my cardio.
– Colleen L.

I have always neglected my core when working out. As a result I have experienced chronic back pain. Since starting this program I have not had a problem with back pain. I feel great!! I will definitely incorporate Flo Fusion into my everyday workout routine.
– Bryan P. (Police Officer)

Flo Fusion to me is a lifesaver. After doing these exercises the first wk feeling muscles I’ve not used much (if at all) made me realize just how powerful my body can be. My recent auto accident proved that. I never would have used my core muscles to brace for the impending hit from behind before beginning FFF. I would have just tightened up my back & the resulting impact would have caused even more serious injury to my body.Not being very active or athletic since my young adulthood (about 20 yrs ago), I was very self-conscious about the program. My fears were dispelled quickly. Your quiet, yet intense demeanor while training is both encouraging and tough simultaneously. You held belief in me when I didn’t. As time went on, the workouts, while challenging, became something I look forward to. I have increased self-esteem and confidence and a new determination to become the Inner Olympian I now know I am. FFF was the vehicle to that realization, now knowledge and there is no turning back! Thank you!
– Anita H.

My name is Aaron F., a 63yr old man, who worked as a fireman for 33yrs. For the most part, I was usually in good physical condition during my time at the Fire Dept. Towards the end of my career, after being injured several times, I stopped working out as much, and started eating more.I suffered a severe strain to my lower back almost 5yrs before my retirement. My back never fully recovered over the past 10yrs, & needed medical treatments. About a week after starting the Flo fusion workout, my back started feeling 100% better. 12 weeks later at the end of my sessions, my back pain never came back. My posture improved, & with a change in life style and my eating habits, I have lost over 30 lbs in 12wks.I want to thank Dr. Hyacinth for her encouragement & help in starting me on the Flo Fusion workout plan. It has changed my life for the better.
– Aaron F.

Flo Fusion Fitness presents the opportunity of a lifetime to train with an Olympian. I watched as my body changed over the course of three months, transitioning from a size seven to a size three, while toning and strengthening my muscles. From professional athletes to working moms to mature adults, this workout is great for everyone. You are challenged at every level and work your whole body using your own body mass to become leaner and stronger.
– Melissa R.

Flo Fusion Fitness is truly revolutionary exercise system. It’s a non-impact program, which allows for people from a wide range of age, ability and disability levels. Because of the rich variety of postures implemented in the Flo Fusion Fitness system, dozens of muscle and ligament groups and angles are exercised that are commonly neglected in other fitness programs.
– Dr. Steven M, licensed chiropractor and certified personal trainer